Care for your stairs

Dec 23, 2018

Timber staircases are a stunning addition to any home, but like any wooden product, require maintenance to ensure they always look their best.

Tip 1 – Finish your stair as soon as possible

To protect the investment that is your stair, it is important that it is finished off as quickly as possible after installation. Whether you are staining a beautiful hardwood, painting pine or carpeting MDF, ensure this is done promptly by a qualified tradesman and minimise foot traffic until complete.

Tip 2 – Clean often and carefully

Water and a soft cloth is really all you need to protect your timber staircase. There is no need to purchase special chemicals or cleaners. These can actually do more harm than good. Simply remove dirt and dust by going over the treads, risers and handrails with a damp, soft cloth and make sure any spills are quickly wiped up before permanent damage sets in.

Tip 3 – Address blemishes promptly

Our homes are a hive of activity, and with kids, pets and guests using your staircase daily scratches and dents to the surface of your staircase are virtually inevitable.

While inconvenient, these issues can be easily addressed by either going over the blemish with wax, or calling your finish expert to tidy up the imperfection, leaving your stair as good as new.

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