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Jan 5, 2019

When selecting a timber species for your new staircase, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the different options available. We’ve broken down several of the most popular choices, all of which are available to Stairworks clients, to help make your decision easy.

Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash refers to two Victorian hardwood species, being Alpine Ash and Mountain Ash, both of which as their names suggest, grow in the alpine regions of Victoria.

Typically a straight grain timber, it offers colour consistency and is a wise choice for those seeking a durable light-coloured species.

Spotted Gum

A native Australian hardwood, Spotted Gum is an ideal choice for its durability and vibrant colours.

Widely used for a variety of building applications, it is easy to paint, polish or stain and possesses a striking wavy grain.

The Spotted Gum species is found along the east coast of Australia, from Victoria through to Queensland.

Tasmanian Oak

A lightly coloured timber that offers a beautiful finish, Tasmanian Oak encompasses three species of eucalypt hardwoods found in Tasmania’s mountainous regions.

Tasmanian Oak provides a practical solution as it takes well to staining, making it a great choice for those seeking to match other timber applications in the home.


Blackbutt is a readily available timber that originates from hardwood species in New South Wales and Queensland. Its predominantly straight, even texture make it a popular choice for those seeking uniformity of appearance.

Best suited to polishing or staining, Blackbutt is strong, durable and versatile.


Jarrah is a strong and durable hardwood timber, with beautiful colour and grain that makes it an eye-catching architectural choice.

The Jarrah tree can be found in Western Australia, along the plains from Perth to Albany. A slow-growing tree, its timber is a beautiful design statement for those seeking the wow factor.


Messmate is a popular hardwood with an interesting texture and interlocking grain that is native to Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

Readily available, messmate stains and polishes well and varies in colour from yellows through to browns.

American Oak

An imported timber originating from the eastern United States, white American Oak is close, though not identical, in appearance and texture to European Oak.

A strong, heavy wood, with an appealing grain pattern, American Oak stains and polishes well to a wide variety of colours.

European Oak

Imported from Central and Western Europe, European Oak has a unique texture and straight grain. Similar in colour to American Oak, it’s palette tends towards pale whites and yellows.

A hardwood currently a popular choice for homeowners around Australia, lead times on European Oak can be longer than other timbers, which is important to keep in mind when planning your build.

American Cherry

American Cherry is a stunning hardwood native to the eastern United States and offers a rich colour palette, ranging from hues of dark red to reddish brown.

A distinctive, fine-grained timber, it polishes and stains to a beautifully smooth finish that highlights its remarkable natural properties. American Cherry is a special order timber that requires a longer lead time than natives.


Pine is a softwood timber best used for treads and risers being painted. A cost-effective choice, pine is readily available for those seeking a quick and simple paint-grade installation.


Medium-density fibreboard, or MDF as it is commonly known, is a engineered wood that makes an ideal choice for those on a budget.

MDF is a good option when treads and risers will be painted or carpeted.

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