Stairs for the family home

Sep 28, 2019

The staircase of your dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare when kids come into the mix. Safety throughout the home is paramount to all families. The pitter patter of little feet also means durability is key, as those cute little feet (and fingers!) really have an impact!

At Stairworks, we appreciate that every family will want a stair that is not only functional and beautiful, but friendly to the littlest members of the household. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when deciding on the design and finish of your new staircase.

With children in the home, we recommend a traditional closed staircase, with both treads and risers in place. While open rise and central string staircases are a popular choice for the modern home, a traditional staircase complete with risers removes the temptation for exploring gaps between steps. This design also allows for storage space under the stairs in many homes – these spaces are the perfect spot for a ‘mudroom’ or similar, keeping the unsightly clutter of shoes, boots, schoolbags, sporting equipment, raincoats, strollers and more hidden away.

The going on each of your treads (the depth of the tread) should be at least 240mm, to ensure each step is wide enough to allow smooth ascent and descent of your stairs. Short goings not only do not meet code but can also make a staircase tricky to use as you move around the home.

When it comes to balustrading, the choices are endless. However, when it comes to keeping a family home safe and clean, we recommend vertical timber, wrought iron or stainless steel balusters and rails be prioritised over that of glass. While glass is a beautiful statement, it shows fingerprints and mess with ease, meaning you’ll spend precious time keeping it clean. All balusters must be installed to legal specifications, with gaps ensuring that legs, arms or even heads can’t get stuck!

We recommend you engage a professional stair finisher to ensure that your staircase is painted or stained in a manner that will ensure a non-slip finish. Stairworks can also assist by including stainless steel strips on each tread that are designed to add grip. Carpet is also a popular option for families, that can also act as a soundproof barrier to ensure you don’t wake any sleeping babies when you’re moving from one floor to another.

Security gates
We don’t manufacture custom baby gates but of course recommend that every family invests in a quality set for both the top and bottom of any staircase in your home.

We are here to help you decide what will best suit your home. Our Bayswater North showroom, located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs right near Eastlink, is open by appointment six days a week. Feel free to bring the family along for a visit!

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